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What Others Say About Us


We moved to Rochester from Iowa in 2013 and purchased our home from Hammer Homes after looking at a lot of options.  I can tell you objectively that we have been very happy with Linda and HH.  We have built 2 others houses in the past 10 years (as we have moved with our careers) and I can tell you I have been very pleases with Linda and HH.  Throughout our building process Linda was very responsive and flexible.  She seems to have a very keen eye for detail and quality.  We have been in our house for just over a year and although we haven't had any issues she is responsive to any of our questions and ideas for landscaping etc.

Honestly I would recommend Linda and HH to my friends and family without hesitation.  If you would like to walk through our home to get an idea of some of the little extra's Linda puts into homes we would be happy to invite you to walk through (if you don't mind pets and clutter).  

Best of luck in your search.


Darrin J. Herrera




Wow, let me ramble a bit.


#1.  It was a pleasure to work with Linda.   The house we are in is the 2nd house we have built from "scratch'' in Rochester.  Totally different experiences.  Our previous home was perfect for our needs and budget at the time, but the primary word is or was adequate.  After the foundation was finished, we took occupancy in 3 weeks.  Passed all inspections and was sturdy.  The plasterers and painters were in this house for 4 weeks.


#2.  Linda was easy to contact and responded in a timely manner, not once did she say, "that's because that's how we do it"....


#3.  Linda was and is patient and a good educator and if she didn't have an answer, she looked it up and responded in a timely fashion.


#4.  We worked up a budget for the house and mostly stuck with in it.  We did change the materials for the cabinetry and used the surplus for that savings for other "extras'' for the house.


#5.  The crews she had working for her, in particular the carpenters are very skillful, feed 'em an occasional scone and they would do (practically) anything.


#6.  She had a pretty good feel for scheduling the trades, the only time there was a delay was while waiting for the city to come and finish the side walk and that was not under her control.  Building in Rochester is getting busy again, scheduling may be tricky for building, but she pretty much stayed on track with the most current home.  I believe it's the same delay due to waiting for the city to finish the sidewalk, not under her control.


#7.  Building this house was easier because we were able to use a stock floor plan that was developed when this project started.  We actually lived in the same model home, except for being reversed, while this house was being built.  This gave us an opportunity to see all the process and make changes in the finishes.  I know she and her architect worked hard to design the 2 homes at the head of the street to fit within all the setbacks and design requirements.


#8.  As far as using another builder, I can only go by my 2 experiences, but having followed the building of the other 2 homes, there is a huge difference in the quality of the construction.  The finished one on  the end of the street is pretty, but on closer inspection lacks the quality I have come to expect from Linda.


#9.  I've had conversations with Linda and she doesn't plan to have more work than she can track, at the most 5 projects at a time, from complete builds to additions and remodeling.  She puts her hands on all projects daily.  I don't think other builders can say that.


I hope this answers your questions and hope this helps you decide to have Linda build your new home.


Betsy Munroe


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