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We Focus On The Process of Residential Interior and Exterior Design Building and Remodeling, At Hammer Homes we offer any possible imaginable design and build services you may require in building your home. We love finding the right product solutions for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

Home Remodeling
The Hammer Homes
Team specializes in:
Home Design
Residential Consulting 

Construction Management

Home & Lot Sales

Home Construction
A Hands On Personalized Approach

Linda with her engineering background and design capabilities brings the following to your project:


  • Selection of Materials

  • Computer Aided Design

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Specs

  • Soils

  • Environment

  • Energy Efficiency


  • Project Management

  • Budgets

  • Planning & Zoning

  • Subcontractors

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Contracts


Home Design
  • Kitchen Design

  • Decor

  • Accessories

  • Color

  •  Flow

  • Architectural Details

  • Continuity

Home Remodel
  • Kitchen 

  • Bath

  • Additions

  • Complete

  • Consulting

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 "We Use Only The Best Products and Subcontractors for your home!"

// Set Goals  // Establish A Budget  // Location Selection // Assemble A Team //

// Planning Process // Reality Checklist // Enjoy Your New Home //

Your Project Needs an Engineer to Design & Build Your Home That Focuses on the Process!
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