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Trust is the strongest point in any business, sales transaction, or a new home construction project. Become part of the family of people who are completely satisfied with our teams design/build and sales process. You can trust we will do what we say. 

The Design/Build and Sales Team of Custom Homes Engineered for...


The Way You Live is important to us and we certainly understand how important it is to you. After all, it's your home and lifestyle.


Designing and building of custom homes is Linda Gammell's expertise. Engineering implemented into the process of custom home building a home that is suitable for the way you live is our goal to enhance your lifestyle. Linda's daughter Ellen Robertson handles the sales of  Hammer Homes properties and can sell your existing home or property as well. . Finding that right fit for any real estate housing situation is Ellen's expertise. 



                                                                                           Linda Gammell / Hammer Homes + Ellen Robertson / Edina Realty =


A Quality Home Design/Build and Real Estate Sales TEAM You Can Trust.


You could Say Design/Build/Sales is in our DNA!

 "We Use Only The Best Products and Subcontractors for your home!"

// Set Goals  // Establish A Budget  // Location Selection // Assemble A Team //

// Planning Process // Reality Checklist // Enjoy Your New Home //

The Hammer Homes team is our Sub-Contractor and Product Vendors 

Our TEAM is our sub-contractors and product vendors and manugacturers who share the same vision of bringing you the best for your home. 



Your Project Needs an Engineer to Design & Build Your Home That Focuses on the Process!
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