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The "Seven Step Process for Homeowners" to Simplify Any Design/Build Construction Project


THE WAY YOU LIVE is important to us and we certaily understand how important it is to you. After all it's your home and lifestyle.


The HAMMER HOMES, Inc. "Seven Step Process for Homeowners", Simplifies Any Construction Project when you work with us to design, build, or remodel your home.


#1. Set Building & Remodeling Goals

Your new construction or remodeling project needs to set a budget and we help you determine the cost 

counting process with our experience.


#2. Establish A Budget

As we help you unleash your power to turn your vision into a reality, we count the cost for you. We establish with your collaborative input, the budget. Our home construction projects finish on budget!


#3. Site Selection & Process

We help you understand lot selection and process. We listen to what is important to you and know where you want to build based on your wants and needs.


#4. Assemble Our Team Together

We bring together the team that best matches your needs allowing us to assemble your personalized construction team collaboratively. We are your most important member, “The Team Leader,” your designer & builder. We walk you through the process from start to finish as your guide, therapist, advocate and counselor!


#5. Plan, Plan and Plan More

We have not meet anyone who doesn’t want to save money in their building project. In the planning process of construction you can save a lot of time and money by moving walls on paper instead of during process.


#6. Accept the Inevitable in Process

You know the saying– “Stuff Happens” and that is the reality in the process and we assemble the team that works well together and once our plan is establisher don’t change your mind.



When we successfully complete your homes construction, and we will, enjoy the fruits of all of your labors in your newly constructed or remodeled home. You deserve it!

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The "Six Steps for Selling Your HOUSE" for Transitioning Into A New To You HOME.


THE WAY YOU LIVE is important to us and we certaily understand how important it is to you. After all it's your home and lifestyle.


Ellen Robertson with Edina Realty walks you through six basics to transverse through home buying and selling. "Six Basic Steps To Selling Your Existing Home.


#1. Look at our house with fresh eyes.

When we look at things day after day we gloss over that break in the fence, or the deck that needs painting. If you always enter from the garage try starting at a different angle, the front door. Have a note book and write down what you see.


#2. Remember what drew you to the home. Right now the house may not be working for you, but it did. Write down the good things, how the house lives.


#3. Fix the things you can. If something needs fixing people coming in may only be able to see the work and not the good things.


#4. Clear the clutter. Remove as much as you can, then remove a little more.


#5. Price correctly. A house price right will sell quickly, a house priced too high will take longer and may end up selling for less, a house priced too low and people will wonder what is wrong with it.


#6. Get help! A REALTOR can help you transverse through the buying and selling process and correctly market your property. It doesnt matter if it is an existing property or new construction. I CAN HELP YOU!



presented by Ellen Robertson

Trust is the strongest point in any business, sales transaction, or a new home construction project. Become part of the family of people who are completely satisfied with our teams design/build and sales process. You can trust we will do what we say. 

 "We Use Only The Best Products and Subcontractors for your home!"

// Set Goals  // Establish A Budget  // Location Selection // Assemble A Team //

// Planning Process // Reality Checklist // Enjoy Your New Home //

The Hammer Homes team is our Sub-Contractor and Product Vendors 

Our TEAM is our sub-contractors and product vendors and manugacturers who share the same vision of bringing you the best for your home. 



Your Project Needs an Engineer to Design & Build Your Home That Focuses on the Process!
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