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About Hammer Homes: 

Proud to Say We're Not The Least Expensive

Hammer Homes is owned by Linda Gammell. Linda has an engineering degree and worked at IBM in engineering and management roles for 25 years. She joined a home building company in 2007. After obtaining her own general contractor license, she formed Hammer Homes. The name is indicative of her love for homes: hammers are one of the working tools of the profession that has many uses in the construction process. 

Small Heading
A Hands On Personal Approach

Linda, with her engineering background and design capabilities is on the job site every day to see that the design/build process of your new home goes smoothly and as planned. We show you how the process can be very efficient and can be on time with our lead contracting and coordination of the skilled subcontractors we work with. This keeps your project moving along as quickly as possible.


Only Excellence and Professionalism

Communication is especially important in construction. It is a key component as Hammer Homes makes itself available and will return your calls, texts, emails, whatever in a timely manner. Your home is our business and we aim to please.

Quality Insured and Guaranteed

Hammer Homes guarantees our work and has all the proper insurances. Be assured that from site selection to the final move in date, we have you covered with the details. 

Your Project Needs an Engineer to Design & Build Your Home That Focuses on the Process!
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