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Welcome to HAMMER HOMES, Inc

Linda is a custom home builder and Ellen is a real estate agent in Rochester, MN, serving all of Southeast Minnesota. Hammer Homes does new home construction, remodeling, basement finishing, and additions.  If you are interested in building a new home or renovating your current home, they would be thrilled to discuss your project.


As your builder and realtor, we share our knowledge of home construction, available lots, and the latest quality products available to get you the best value possible. - Linda

We use local designers, tradesmen, and suppliers whenever possible. 

Get Quality Installation of all products by our professionals.  They are experienced Tradesmen!



"Seven Step Process for Homeowners",

Simplifies Any Construction Project


Set Goals  // Establish A Budget  // Location Selection 

Assemble A Team // Planning Process

Reality Checklist // Enjoy Your New Home 

"Six Steps for Selling Your House" 

to Transition to A New-To-You Home.​

Rear of house with sod
Exterior lot 3
Rear of house
house mod
Brick front

We Focus On Process So You Can Focus On Completion

Your Project Needs an Engineer to Design & Build Your Home That Focuses on the Process!
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